Wednesday, January 27, 2010

general update

Hey to anyone out there in blog-land.
Sorry I haven't been updating enough. It was back to law school today. YAY! (insert sarcasm) So I've been a 'lil busy, not to mention grades came out. YAY! (insert even more sarcasm!!!) Also, my area is supposed to get SLAMMED, and that may be an understatement, with a winter storm that is going to be horrible. I'm headed to my parents after class and work tomorrow because they have a generator, aka will have heat and food. YAY! (only a little bit of sarcasm...) It should be fun to spend time with my family, but I'll probably be without craft supplies. **tear** Maybe I can pack up a crop bag tonight. My sleep schedule is still not on track for school so I'll probably stay up all night tonight. Maybe I'll get out of school for this storm. I wouldn't have any sarcasm to add to a YAY! about that.

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  1. Hey there Megan, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my projects lol, I really appreciate it. Welcome to Blogland although I am preferring You Tube at the moment, kinda addicted I think lol. I know I am addicted to mini albums hehehe. I just wish I had access to all the lovely things you all get over there and be able to afford it all. I am currently not working due to a workplace bullying incident Sept 2008 which left me battle scarred to say the very least, so decided I no longer wanted to work for anyone and would work for myself but it is a much harder road with much less income lol hence limited income. I think your Tessie Girl and my little Shaman (my man) who is a little brown cross mini foxy would get along famously and he is de-sexed so no issues with unwanted pregnancies hehehehehe. Anyway enough waffling I should get off to bed. Enjoy staying with the parents, I know my girls always enjoy the free meals that Mum cooks for them ROTFL.