Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Your Paper Pantry

I joined Roxy & Samantha's new community thing. It's so awesome thus far I'm just loving it! There's a group called Finish It Fridays where we all try to tackle our half completed projects. I also started a group, that's just awaiting moderator approval right now, called Stop Buying! Start CREATING!. It's for those of us that have a little bit of trouble reigning in our scrappy budgets.... as I look guility at the floor. I've just got to start usin' what I've got. I plan on using that, my YouTube and this blog to do my scrappy Scrap Your Stash style challenges so check back.

Oh and my Finish It Friday is my scrap room and I've been hard at work. Still trying to split it up into smaller more accomplishable goals though!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I must first start off by saying My name is Kristie and I have a scrapbooking problem. I SO agree with you that I certainly need to stop buying and start creating! My husband and kids think I have a problem and that I am just a "collector" of scrapbboking supplies and not a true scrapbooker! They are wrong I have completed a few projects. lol Well good luck on your new blog journey and I can't wait to read more. Thanks for shareing

    Kristie from Texas

  2. hi my name is amy. A-M-Y and i am a scrapbooker. (hi amyyyy) lol. no seriously i am just getting started but i love it. im also newly addicted to reading blogs so this is a double whammy. lol. im going to subscribe so i can grow with you in this scrapbooking journey. lets have fun!!!

  3. is there a way to subscribe so i get your new post by email???