Friday, November 26, 2010

The Redesign

Hello friends!
My big fat blog redesign has finally gotten underway. I'm sure I'll tweak some things here and there, but I'm super excited to have a new "look." My old blog design was cute, it just wasn't me. Now I've got to do more blog posts on the new "me" blog design. :)

My Imagine came via FedEx today, and I am going crazy. It was delivered at 11:38 am and here it is 4:08, and I'm still at work! The minutes are draggggggiiiinnnggggggggggg on! TessieGirl and I will post a YouTube vid ASAP.

Hugs & Tessie Kisses,
mADDmartha megan


  1. just leavin' some love. the blog looks cute so far =)

  2. very Teresa C design. I like it :) I heard TessieGirl opened the imagine and started cranking out the layouts and cards. idk if it's true it's just what she put on her facebook page. and myspace. and texted me. What? you're the one the gave her the iPad.

  3. didn't know you had a blog, but now I do!,lol..

  4. HAHAHA Lisa! TessieGirl keeps messing up my Cricut overlays with her claws... and she's been grounded from texting!

    trying to actually post on my blog, not just my YT. thanks for visiting Julene, Lisa, & Jo!!!