Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Haul Vid

Hey peeps!  I'm working on a post about Brave Girl Camp.  It's just hard to put into words how amazing, awesome, fantastic it was! :)  Also, I haven't uploaded my photos to my computer yet.

I filmed this haul vid last night of some yummy goodies I got a LSS.  It's not in my town, but in a neighboring city.  One of my new friends Lisa that I met a Brave Girl Camp told me I had to visit!  It was a yummy store.... beautiful inspiration everywhere!  I just picked up some new Echo Park and stamps.  I also hit up Hobby Lobby and Michael's.  The vid is below.  ENJOY!

Also, I mention in my vid that I got some stuff from the Hobby Lobby closeout store.  I always hesitate to show that because I know some people like haul videos so they can go out and get the same bargains, and that store is the only one of its kind.  The comments thus far on YT have been to show it so I'll try to film that tonight. 

Thanks so much for watching, reading, following Tessie Girl and I on our crazy adventures.  We love ya all for it!

Hugs & Tessie Kisses,
mADDmartha megan

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  1. Megan.... seriously, do you know how difficult it has been to not harass you every single day wanting to know when I get to hear about your weekend at Brave Girls Camp???? LOL I have been patiently sitting on my fingers making them behave...after all, I can't bug her, she's a busy woman...she's an attorney, she coaches/mentors girls, she's an amazing woman... I can't expect her to "fill me in" on my biggest curiosity!!! LMAO - so here I sit, waiting impatiently, but waiting.... (this was typed tongue in cheek... sorta!!) LOL